Preparing Your College Student With Important Health Care Documents

October 30, 2023 Austin DuBois

“When my youngest daughter went away to college, she got into an accident and banged up her head badly enough where she needed surgery. She’s fine now and all is well, but of course as a parent it was an incredibly tough experience. It didn’t help that she was over 18, and like most people her age, didn’t have a formal Health Care Proxy in place. So even as her Dad, dealing with the health care providers was an issue. I’ve known Austin for over 20 years, and he did my own estate plan, so after that experience, I had both my daughters come and do their health care documents with him. While obviously, I hope we never need to use them, at least I know that if something happens, we can manage it to make sure everything ends up for the best.” – Carl B.

At DuBois Law Group, we believe in helping all generations have access to the legal support they need and helping those in our local community. Hearing from Carl and learning about his story inspired the DuBois Law Groups team to participate in a college student discount program with SUNY Orange and Mount Saint Mary College, where students can receive a discount at local businesses throughout Newburgh. For those students in need, we will be offering access to valuable legal services at a discounted rate.

For a full list of participating businesses and more details on the program, learn more here: Newburgh Student Discount Program.