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In Mariann's Corner

Mariann Cheney first met DuBois Law Group, PLLC founder Austin DuBois in 2016 surrounding the need for a trust for her mother. Mariann’s mother was well in her 90’s and had all her faculties-but this strong, independent, self-sufficient woman had fractured her hip and it became apparent that she needed enhanced care. The home that she and her late husband had built for their family was part of a legacy she wanted to leave for her family. She needed legal guidance to help her make lasting financial decisions to retain her assets and preserve her home for her grandchildren.

“My mother was very independent. I had to explain to her that if you do not get expert advice of how to protect your assets, you could lose most of them and not have any choice of where they would go. That resonated with her. Mom and I made an appointment with Austin and he was able to explain and help her navigate an incredibly challenging time. He gave her the freedom to make the choices she wanted and assured her that everything would be executed properly. Mom lived for three years after she met Austin- and whenever we needed him- he was there.”

“I will say this – you need that advice and that advocate. You need that person in your corner that you feel safe with and validate that what you are doing is the right thing. For us, to have Austin and DuBois Law Group be the people – behind you and supporting you, it gives you the strength you need. I highly recommend DuBois Law Group- starting with Austin as he is approachable, knowledgeable, extremely competent and an amazing attorney. He and his team are excellent at what they do and all of us feel so comfortable. We would not have gotten through this tough time without them.”