A Note of Gratitude from DuBois Law Group

November 24, 2021 Austin DuBois

Helping people. Nothing brings me and my team more fulfillment. It is our constant goal and motivation. As we enter this season of reflection, I look back at our firm’s accomplishments on behalf of the people we serve. I am proud, of course, but moreover I am struck with a sense of immense gratitude toward the people whose allyship and trust are essential to the work we do.

To our clients, our colleagues, and our community, thank you. DuBois Law Group would not be in the uniquely privileged position to help others that we find ourselves in today, if not for you.

Thank you to our clients.

I admit to often looking back over the thank you notes we receive from families we’ve helped. Not for validation, but because they are a constant reminder of the gravity behind someone choosing to put their trust in you. Particularly, at some of life’s most important moments.

Some people are planning for comfortable years of retirement; others are planning to provide comfortable years for grandkids. Some are helping an aging loved one in need of care. Some people arrive without a plan; some arrive with a plan to build upon. Some people arrive in times of prosperity and others in times of distress.

Helping all of these people find answers and, perhaps more importantly, peace of mind, is what matters most to us. Thank you, clients, for putting your trust in us.

Thank you to our colleagues.

Thank you to the like-minded professionals who have helped us help our clients. We count our blessings for the many experts who share our organizational philosophy and approach to client service. Thank you to the other firms, in and out of state, who have worked with us to ensure our clients receive consistently excellent attention. Thank you to the financial advisors and CPAs who help our clients realize financial goals and set them on a path of financial freedom after a lifetime of hard work. Our Rolodex is one of the best assets we can offer our clients. That’s because of dedicated professionals like you.

Thank you for being the type of partners in whom we can put our trust.

Thank you to our community.

Finally, thank you to the community that has embraced us, and empowered and encouraged us to go farther, to do more for our neighbors right here in Newburgh. We can reflect on all of the good we have in our lives, and that is wonderful, but having opportunities to act in ways that reflect our deep appreciation is what really fires us up. There is no better way to turn reflection into action than by giving.

We will always be grateful for the chances our professional and civic connections give us to give back.

From everyone at DuBois Law Group, happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays.

I hope that you, your family and loved ones enjoy a season full of warmth, and thankfulness for all that’s good in your lives. Oh… and tons and tons of really good food.